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Shutting Out the Sun has been in print since 2006, but except for the names of new Prime Ministers and the shocking devastation (and subsequent malfeasance) triggered by the earthquake and tsunami of 3/11, little of the malaise that I wrote about more than a half decade ago has really experienced fundamental change.

That’s unfortunate for the world, and, alas, too bad for Japan.

But, you know, it’s hard to keep recycling negative news…So mostly I’ve moved on to tackle other issues primarily. For a while I worked on issues related to China and innovation for the Monitor Group, as recently I’ve become Managing Editor/Thought Leadership for the UK-based Oxford Economics group. http://www.oxfordeconomics.com.

But as time and temperament permit, I’ll try to add some thoughts here to the latest issues and my concerns about Asia and Japan.

One thought on “Welcome to an updated site.!

  1. Dear Michael Zielenziger,
    I have read and re read your, very interesting and timely, book, ” Shutting Out The Sun” several times and find it very worry some that there is so little attention and understanding, to a problem of unknown proportions and impact on the Japanese society as well as future. Even with a new political party at the helm, I doubt that there is a long term vision and solution to Japans current and future problems. Please continue with your well founded journalism.

    Kind regards A. M.

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